*HCS* Final Call for Ignitaries!

David Holland dholland at hcs.harvard.edu
Mon Oct 2 17:00:19 EDT 2000

 > > uh, no it's not broken.
 > <reels in bait>
 > Oh, yes it is.  Admittedly, this is the subject of numerous flamewars...
 > but munging the Reply-to: line really IS a Bad Idea (TM).  If you're not
 > convinced, here's one of the best cases I've seen made against it...
 > [snip]
 >                     ``Reply-To'' Munging Considered Harmful
 > [snip]

That article is no more valid now than it was the last four or five
times we went around on this. And please don't troll on hcs-discuss.

   - David A. Holland
     dholland at hcs.harvard.edu

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