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I'm doing some personal research into an axiomatic programming language
called 001 ("double-o one") toolsuite that can do some pretty amazing stuff
(it's like a meta meta language in which you define the rules, in English,
and it generates code, performs testing, links to databases, etc. It grew
out of NASA's research and will soon be entering the private sector in full.
I'm having a tough time finding any writing on it, but someone in this group
should know.

I've been told there are a few chapters on the language in Jessica Keyes's
book, Internet Management.

Any leads are appreciated.



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Bond, James Bond

The Bond-a-thon

Monday May 29th, Mather House TV Room.

6 007 DVDs on the big screen TV with Surround Sound.

1:20pm  Dr. No  -- The first 007 Move, starring Sean Connery
3:20pm  For Your Eyes Only  -- Roger Moore in an excellent spy thriller
5:40pm  GoldenEye  -- Pierce Brosnan
8:00pm  The World is not Enough  -- The newest Bond, with Pierce Brosnan
10:20pm Goldfinger  -- The best Bond, Connery at his best
12:20am The Man with the Golden Gun  -- Roger Moore

Finals are over, and it looks like rain for Monday, so why not watch
everyone's favorite spy all day?

Questions, email 007 at hcs.harvard.edu
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