Marshall D. Perrin mperrin at hcs.harvard.edu
Thu May 18 14:24:31 EDT 2000

On Wed, 17 May 2000, David Alpert wrote:
> One day many years from now, someone will break it into a lot of small
> pieces and scatter them in various trash cans throughout Harvard Yard.

You know, someone really should tell the story behind this for the
historical record. 

Which reminds me. I was theoretically going to do some sort of
historical retrospective on the HCS this term, and of course it never
happened because I became a mostly hosed and also mostly out of town
second semester senior. (gah. still having trouble believing I am a
second semester senior and I graduate waaaaay too soon. enjoy the ride
while it lasts, kids. ;-) But it would still be good to do this, I
think, so maybe I'll get around to it in the next week or two at least
to start it, and maybe I'll beat on it over the summer. We'll see. But
anyone who feels like contributing to such a beast should email
me. Random anecdotes and amusing stories especially welcome. 

 - Marshall

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