David Mitby dmitby at hcs.harvard.edu
Thu May 18 00:05:06 EDT 2000

>> My suggestion to the membership - pick one thing, and do it well.  Start
>> up _a_ project in the HCS, and be the force behind it, and get other
>> people involved, and don't back down.  If you think it's cool, and you
>> keep at it, so will other people.  But you have to get the momentum going.
>I think this is the best advice we've seen all evening ;-) A major
>"problem" with the HCS, as Rick has pointed out, is that it tends to
>get drawn in too many directions and, as a result, projects tend to
>peter out.  It also means that people with limited time to devote to
>the HCS tend to shy away as there aren't any organized, ongoing
>projects that they can work on and still not be sucked into a major

Would people prefer to have say only one project opportunity at any given
time, such that those that are interested get really involved and those
that don't just wait until the next one rolls around?

What do people see as interesting projects these days?  And, for those who
have ideas, would you personally actually get involved in it?


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