William Josephson wjosephs at fas.harvard.edu
Wed May 17 23:37:32 EDT 2000

On Wed, May 17, 2000 at 10:24:13PM -0400, Scott A. Golder wrote:
>What I'm seeing right now, is a cadre of seniors who are seeing 'the good old
>days' through rose-colored glasses, and are using the high perch of years as a
>pedestal from which to piss on the rest of us.  I resent this.

*You* resent this?  What you have said is totally inappropriate.

> If you're just a cranky senior, stop bitching.

Get a fscking clue and try keeping the SNR above -100db while you're
at it.

I was hoping to stay out of this discussion, but since I obviously
haven't let me suggest one or two reasons people haven't been more
active (there are, I'm sure, as many as there are "members" of the

(0) People at Harvard are often hosed.  Not everyone who wants to be
    involved can be.

(1) Some people who would like to be involved and have a small amount
     of time to do so are put off by rants such as yours.

(2) [NB: some may find this offensive, so put on your asbestos panties]
    Some have suggested that the HCS is/has become lame or at least
    distinctly less interesting.  I haven't heard this said of seniors
    in the organization nor of their predecessors, but not everyone is
    interested in the latest and greatest "web technology" or in startups.
    There is certainly a place for these things, but not to the exclusion
    of more technical projects, activities, etc.

(2') You can't please everyone all the time and some are largely
     indifferent to recent HCS activities.  As a result, they devote
     their time to other things.  This doesn't mean we should run out
     and change what we do, but neither should we be surprised when
     interest dwindles.


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