dmolnar dmolnar at hcs.harvard.edu
Wed May 17 23:24:38 EDT 2000

On Wed, 17 May 2000, Scott A. Golder wrote:

> toes and trying to keep people informed about the project, we still find
> people not getting involved.  Can't get blood from a stone.

> be a really engrossing project.  Lots of people at the first meeting.  Three
> at the second.  Can't get blood from a stone.

So what can we do to stop people from turning to stone at the beginning
of the year? (honest question)

> Maybe the issue _is_ enthusiasm?  Where has the enthusiasm gone?  Is it
> because we're not doing projects that people find interesting?  The HCS as I
> see it is an open group, and anyone can start something new, or even just
> suggest it.  Nothing at all would make me happier than getting three e-mails a
> week with new, exciting project ideas.

We won't get e-mails about new project ideas until people start spending
time thinking about possible HCS projects, or until the people who do
start thinking about "cool things to do" consider the HCS lists a good
place to discuss those cool things. In my case, I do daydream about "cool
things to do" -- but the place I post them isn't hcs-discuss, it's the
newsgroup sci.crypt . 

Why? Because there's a lot of traffic there on subjects which are related
to these "cool things." Reading all this, I have a reasonable
expectation that if I post something "cool", someone else just may find it
"cool" too. This actually happens. Right now I'm e-mailing back and forth
with someone I've never met in person about a property of public-key
cryptosystems which just might be novel, useful, and horribly

For whatever reason, I don't have the same feeling about hcs-discuss. It's
not the first place I think of to post some odd conjecture or neat idea.
That may be because I'm "a really weird kid," or at least because I don't
think of hcs-discuss as a place with lots of crypto people on it. The fact
remains that I just don't think about posting project ideas here. Is that
the experience of others, and if it is, can/should we change that?


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