britt bolen at hcs.harvard.edu
Wed May 17 18:33:59 EDT 2000

Who here thinks it's about time to put the HCS to sleep?  the
society has been pretty much dead for a year now... 

but seriously the society has had a pretty dead year, little has been
really accomplished, there seems to be no real activity going on.

What should the hcs be doing now that computers are so mainstreamed to no
longer be interesting?  

I'm afraid that the HCS is well on it's way to disappearing.  There
doesn't seem to be any real enthusiasm left in the society.  There aren't
meetings anymore that i've seen, there isn't the hcs-announce messages all
that often.  acctserv hasn't been checked in a while.

are there fall recruitment plans?  we did pretty well 2 years ago, but
what about now?

thoughts, comments, anyone?  


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