*HCS* UC voting starting soon...

David Mitby dmitby at hcs.harvard.edu
Tue Dec 12 23:50:04 EST 2000

Don't forget to cast votes in the UC Presidential election... voting begins
at midnight (10 minutes away)!  Just go to the %fas prompt, type ucvote, and
follow the instructions.

Remember that the HCS has officially endorsed Paul Gusmorino, and we
recommend him highly for the position.  See full text of the endorsement

HCS Endorses Paul Gusmorino for UC President

Rarely has the HCS had much concern over the politics of the UC, but rarely
has a candidate for President so clearly stood out above the rest.  I'm
pleased to report that the HCS has decided to endorse Paul Gusmorino.  Paul
has been an active HCS member since his freshmen year, and has been a
leading advocate for technology on campus ever since (serving as UC
technology coordinator).  In addition to bringing UC services to the web
(mailing list, website overhaul, grant applications, etc...), Paul wrote UC
Books -- a textbook search site that has emerged as one of the UC's biggest
contributions to the student body in recent memory.  Paul was also the guy
who bought and set up http://www.safetyschool.org (try it!) just in time
for the Big Game.

Paul is a true Renaissance man -- this is the kind of guy who understands
the need for students to save money on textbooks, organizes its publicity
campaign, and as a bonus, can tell all of us CS-folks that the search is
an NP-complete problem that was solved with special optimization
techniques.  Very cool.  On top of that, he's a truly nice guy and a great
friend to the Society.

Thus we encourage everyone to vote for Paul.  Voting starts at 12:01am on
Wednesday; every vote counts.  And since it's done electronically, your
intent is easily determined -- and thus we ask that it be for Paul.  :)

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