*HCS* endorsement for Paul Gusmorino

David Mitby dmitby at hcs.harvard.edu
Fri Dec 8 14:18:00 EST 2000

Rarely (if ever) has the HCS had too much interest in the politics of the
UC.  This year, however, one of our members, Paul Gusmorino, is running for
the Presidential position.  Perhaps more important than his membership
status is that he has been a voice for technology on campus, most recently
architecting, building, and promoting UC books.  Based on my experience with
Paul, I can say that he's a true Renaissance man -- the kind of person who
can tell you why students needs something like UC books, sell it to the
student body, and more, all while understanding that the problem is
NP-complete and thus developing approximations and optimizations to make it
work.  On top of that, he's an all around nice guy.

Thus the board has discussed the possibility of endorsing Paul as a
candidate.  We feel that he could continue to be a great advocate for
technology on our campus (and be stronger in that role), and thus he's a
great choice for the HCS.

We open this issue to discussion on this open list to keep the membership in
the loop; feel free to concur or dissent with our current leanings.  If
approved, we'd like to put our endorsement in Sunday's announce mailing.


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