[HCS] Join the 2018 Datamatch Team!

Catherine Tu catherine_tu at college.harvard.edu
Tue Oct 17 18:31:22 EDT 2017

Every year the Harvard Computer Society publishes the Datamatch service on
Valentine's Day, helping Harvard students find their soulmates. Last year,
we had nearly 5000 people sign up! We’re now looking for students to
continue the Datamatch tradition.

Do you want to...


   build a service used by 75% of the student body?

   develop a modern, beautiful, and lightning-fast platform with Ruby on
   Rails / React?

   coordinate aggressive marketing and outreach strategies?

   tell jokes that every single one of your classmates will read?

   learn the secrets behind our patented matching algorithm? (Well, maybe.
   Maybe not. We can't really say.)

If so, join us! Datamatch is no-comp no-application - just show up. Desired
skills include knowledge in Ruby on Rails, Python, React/Redux, HTML/CSS,
JavaScript, D3, and design/publicity, but any skill levels are welcome!
Fill out this form (https://goo.gl/forms/e6IzPW7WzKQxkbTt1) to join!

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