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*The 22nd edition of Datamatch is live!*
[image: The Origin of Valentine's Day | Harvard Datamatch]

Do you hate CAPITALISM? Check out the origins of Valentine's Day, brought
to you by Datamatch + On Harvard Time

*What is Datamatch?*
Datamatch employs artificial intelligence techniques and well-researched
psychological profiles aggregated from two decades of data on the Harvard
dating scene to find the perfect match for you. By filling out a brief,
meticulously developed survey at our cutting-edge website, you will receive
a list of candidate matches to contact at your leisure.

Do it for *true love*. Do it for the *laughs*. If that's not enough, do it
for the *food*.

*The Harvard Computer Society has partnered with...*

We're bringing you even more options this year to get FREE MEALS with
eligible matches. All you need to do is *sign-up for Datamatch;
 We'll take care of the rest!

Log in with your Harvard ID, make a profile, breeze through our survey, and
you, too, could be enjoying free waffles, tacos, froyo, and pastries with
your next best friend.

Sign-Up Now: https://datamatch.hcs.harvard.edu
Still unsure? Don't be.
*Copyright © HCS Datamatch 2017, All rights reserved.*

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