[HCS] HCS Bootcamp 1

Eric Timmerman erictimmerman at college.harvard.edu
Sun Feb 5 23:11:10 EST 2017

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Hey everyone!

HCS will be having its first bootcamp this Thursday, 2/9 in Emerson 210
from 8-9:30pm. Please prepare for Bootcamp 1 by completing the pre-reqs
(which can be found on slides 22 and 23 of this presentation
before the bootcamp! If you do not have a Facebook account or do not use
Messenger, please kindly ask one of your friends for their data to use. You
can find our Facebook event here:

Looking forward to seeing you there!

The HCS Board


P.S. Moving forward, most bootcamps will be on Thursday evenings, based on
the survey we sent out earlier. We apologize if this time does not work for
you. If you absolutely cannot make this time but are still interested in
comping HCS, please reach out to either Grace (gyzhang at college.harvard.edu)
or myself (erictimmerman at college.harvard.edu), and we can try to work
something out.
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