[HCS] Announcing the 2018 HCS Board

Jason Goodman jgoodman at college.harvard.edu
Sat Dec 9 17:14:52 EST 2017

Hello HCS,

We are proud to announce the 2018 Harvard Computer Society Executive Board:

Co-Presidents: Grace Zhang and Jessica Huang
Director of Business: Jason Ren
Directors of Education: Jeffrey He  and Jonathan Berman
Directors of Technology: Enxhi Buxheli, Richard Wang, and Mridu Nanda
Director of Design and Identity: Jenny Huang
Director of Community: Derek Wang
Directors of External Relations: Catherine Tu and Dianne Lee
Directors of Internal Relations: Ifedayo Famojuro and Sara Valente

Needless to say, it takes many difficult decisions to arrive at a group this small from a community as thoroughly awesome as HCS. We’re very excited by the vision and passion we’ve seen this week, and we hope that everyone we’ve talked to will continue to make their own impact on our organization, in a formal leadership position or otherwise.

This board is going to take HCS to awesome new places, and we couldn’t be prouder!


Jason and Javier
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