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The Harvard Computer Society has been hard at work developing the 21st
edition of Datamatch, rolling out a a *sleeker, sexier* website and
partnering with *Satire V* to release the most uproarious questions yet.
Developed in tandem with Johnstone Family Professor of Psychology *Steven
Pinker* and feedback from the Harvard community, this might be the most
rewarding Datamatch ever.

*SIGN UP NOW <http://datamatch.hcs.harvard.edu/>*


Datamatch is a project of the Harvard Computer Society (HCS) that runs
yearly during the week of Valentine’s Day. Datamatch employs artificial
intelligence techniques and well-researched psychological profiles
aggregated from two decades of data on the Harvard dating scene to find the
perfect match for you.

By filling out a brief, meticulously developed survey at our cutting-edge
website, you will receive a list of candidate matches to contact at your
leisure. Through a partnership between HCS and Zinneken's Belgian Waffles,
top matches are eligible for a free waffle date.

Since its incarnation in 1994, HCS Datamatch has regularly registered over
50% of the College student body and become one of the don’t-miss
cornerstones of the Harvard experience, taken by such Harvard stalwarts as
Mark Zuckerberg, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and John Adams. Every year, the team
receives dozens of second-thoughts emails from students who missed their
chance, only to be turned away due to our laziness and inflexibility. Don’t
be like them; carpe that diem.

No spam, no charge, and absolutely no obligation (in response to popular
demand, we got rid of that "firstborn child" clause). Nothing is binding,
but why not take a chance on us...?


*Results mailed on Valentine's Day. No purchase necessary. Void in Nebraska
and where prohibited by law. Keep out of reach of children. Copyright 1636.
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