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*Harvard Computer Society*
*Weekly Newsletter*

* October 5, 2015 *
*tl;dr *

   - Drones Demonstration: Sign-up here
   - Riot Games Tech Talk: Tuesday, October 6th @ Boylston Hall 6pm
   - Palantir Tech Talk: Thursday October 8th @ Boylston 5pm
   - Palantir Office Hours: Thursday October 8th @ Boylston 9pm
   - Web programming Bootcamp: Monday October 5th @ Sever 102 7:30 - 9pm


* Drones Saturday, October 10th @ Harvard Stadium 12-2pm *

There will be a drone demonstration this Saturday @ at the Harvard Stadium!
Click here
to sign up for a ticket.

* Riot Games Tech Talk Tuesday, October 6th @ Boylston Hall 6pm *

Interested in learning more about the people that help develop League of

Come watch Riot Games give a tech talk!

* Palantir Tech Talk and Office Hours Thursday October 8th @ Boylston 5pm *

Come talk with our engineers and meet our Harvard alumni over J.P. Licks at
an informal Office Hours on Thursday night at 9pm in Ticknor. Feel free to
ask anything about life and work at Palantir and the awesome projects we’re
working on!

RSVP at the facebook event here

Have anu further questions or just wanna talk about Palantir face-to-face?
Come to the Palantir Office Hours from 9pm-10pm on the same day in Ticknor

* Web Programming Bootcamp Monday October 5th @ Sever 102 7:30 - 9pm *

Wanna follow our bootcamps and get involved? Click here
<https://lists.hcs.harvard.edu/mailman/listinfo/hcs-bootcamps-2015> to

*Interesting Facts About Computer Science!*

   - A computer as powerful as the human brain would be able to perform
   about 38 thousand trillion operations per second and hold about 3,584
   terabytes of memory.
   - Source
   - The first actual computer “bug” was a dead moth which was stuck in a
   Harvard Mark II computer in 1947.
   – Source <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Computer#Bugs>

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