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*Harvard Computer Society*
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* November 2, 2015 *
*tl;dr *

   - Frontend Bootcamp: Monday, November 2nd @ Sever 102
   - Microsoft: Real-time Analytics for Building Better Products, presented
   by John Shue: Tuesday November 3rd: Sign-up here
   - Microsoft: The Internet of Everything/Rise of the Machines:Sunday,
   Wednesday November 4th: Sign-up here
   - Microsoft: MSFT3c Coding Competition: Saturday November 7th @ Sever 102


* Microsoft: Real-time Analytics for Building Better Products, presented by
John Shue Tuesday November 3rd 5-6pm @ Emerson Hall 101. *

Engineers and product managers at Microsoft use real-time analytics to
build better products for our customers and make data-driven decisions.
Learn how they monitor product health, analyze user engagement, and
validate hypotheses through experiments, all in real time. Then find out
about the technology that makes this possible. Get a technical overview of
one such platform that processes millions of events per second from
hundreds of millions of devices today!

John Sheu, Principal Group Engineering Manager, leads the development of a
real-time analytics platform for the Applications and Services division at
Microsoft. Previously, he led the Fundamentals team in Core Azure, helping
to launch and scale the cloud platform by two orders of magnitude. In
addition, he helped drive the technical strategy for engineering Windows 7
with high quality and led the performance effort on the first release of
Hyper-V. He graduated from Harvard in computer science in 2004.

*Food: Yes, of course!*
Raffle Prize: $100 Gift Card for you to spend PLUS in light of it being
right in the middle of Microsoft’s Annual Giving Campaign, a $300 donation
to any recognized 501c , charity or NPO of your choice!

* Microsoft: The Internet of Everything/Rise of the Machines Wednesday
November 4th, 5-6pm, Maxwell Dworkin 119 *

Change is coming. The web is being consumed by apps. Search is becoming a
victim of its own success. The Internet of things is upon us and in the
distance quantum computing is clouding the horizon. These changes will mean
a shift of wealth. New winners, new losers. New monetization methods. New
uses of data and machine intelligence. Where will it take us? Where will
this all end? Join Microsoft Distinguished Engineer James Whittaker for a
presentation that begins 20 years in the past and ends 20 years in the
future with insight into how society will work, if machines will take over
and what’s left for humanity if they do.

James is an impactful speaker that stimulates the mind, challenges the
known, and forces creative discussions. He is a Xoogler, Beer Craft Lover,
Former Professor, Former Hack Intern @ the CIA, SXSW Superstar, and
motivational speaker, James’s talk will resonate well with the tech crowd
but also be impactful for those, like me, who have no idea what people are
talking about when casually talking about hash tables, data structures, or
string reversals at Felipe’s. So bring your roommates, block mates, house
masters, and liberal arts friends with you to this one!

*Food: Yes indeed—Microsoft won’t ever let you go hungry * Raffle: Of
course, it won’t be a Tech Talk without one! Everyone is eligible to enter
to win a Surface 3 and Keyboard J

* Microsoft: MSFT3c Coding Competition Saturday November 7th 2:00- 4:00pm *

Finally you can back up your claim to fame as the best coder at Harvard.
Kidding. This is just a friendly, 2 hour coding competition that has a hard
start at 2pm and hard 4pm end time. HCS is still working on location but
expect to see more information come from this great organization in a few
days’ time. This might also be a great way to crash course yourself in
preparation for the following weekends Hackathon!

Are you the best coder here? Prove it.
Team up with friends (3 per team max) and bring a laptop (and charger) for
your chance to win a $100 Visa Gift card and other great prizes. No
Purchase Necessary. Open only to students 18+. For Official Rules and a
full list of events, see MSFT3C.com

Food: We are going to feed ya and it will be easy to eat coding competition
food. Minimal distractions that allow maximum outputs.

*Interesting Facts About Computer Science!*

   - In 1988, when the American Internet was paralyzed by a computer virus,
   quick thinker Pål Spiller saved the Norwegian Internet by literally pulling
   the plug
   - Source <http://www.forskning.no/artikler/2012/januar/311616>
   - In some countries during the 70s, including the United Kingdom,
   Poland, Hungary, and the Netherlands, cassette data storage was so popular
   that some radio stations would broadcast computer programs that listeners
   could record onto cassette and then load into their computer.
   – Source

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