[HCS] You're Invited! LibrePlanet 2014: Free Software, Free Society at MIT, March 22-23

Alex Wang alexwang at college.harvard.edu
Thu Mar 6 20:41:38 EST 2014


I am writing to invite the membership of The Harvard Computer Society to
the Free Software Foundation's LibrePlanet2014 conference at MIT, March
22-23. This year's theme is Free Software, Free Society. Students attend at
no cost (just bring your ID). More detail is below. I hope you will share
this announcement with your membership, and that we'll see you at the

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.


Georgia Young
Conference Assistant
Free Software Foundation

 Mark your calendars, because the LibrePlanet
conference<https://libreplanet.org/2014>is coming to Cambridge on
March 22-23, 2014.

How can free software protect journalists, whistleblowers, activists, and
regular computer users from government and corporate surveillance? How can
free software, or free software values like copyleft, community
development, and transparency, be used by people fighting to create free
societies around the world? What challenges are standing between us and our
goal of free software ubiquity? With your help, we'll tackle these
questions and more at LibrePlanet 2014: Free Software, Free Society.

At LibrePlanet, we bring together software developers, policy experts,
activists, and computer users to learn skills, share accomplishments, and
address challenges to software freedom. Newcomers are always welcome, and
LibrePlanet 2014 will feature programming for all ages and experience
levels. LibrePlanet 2014 <https://libreplanet.org/2014> is produced in
partnership by the Free Software Foundation <https://www.fsf.org> with
the Student
Information Processing Board (SIPB) <http://sipb.mit.edu/> at MIT. Of
course, FSF members and students attend LibrePlanet at no cost. More
information is available at https://libreplanet.org/2014/.

We're excited to feature keynote addresses by Eben Moglen, founder of the
Software Freedom Law Center, and Karen Sandler, executive director of the
GNOME Foundation. The conference will also feature workshops in using free
programs, talks and discussion panels with free software luminaries,
plentiful networking opportunities, a cryptoparty hosted at the FSF's
offices in downtown Boston, and a cocktail party and raffle on Saturday
night. And as always, FSF founder and president Richard Stallman will be on
hand to present the annual Free Software Awards.

I hope you'll register for LibrePlanet
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