[HCS] Harvard I/O | 7 speakers, 7 minutes each | This Friday!

Willy Xiao wxiao at hcs.harvard.edu
Tue Apr 8 10:12:12 EDT 2014

HRVD.IO <http://hrvd.io/> 2014

7 speakers.
7 minutes each.
*Infinite ideas on Harvard time.*

Friday, April 11, 5-7pm in Boylston Hall (Ticknor and Fong)

The 2nd annual HRVD.IO <http://hrvd.io/> aims to create a stronger computer
science community at Harvard while also exposing students to new research,
technology, and ventures that are occurring in the real world. Come join
the member groups of HITEC these rapid fire tech talks and food and
mingling afterward!

*Daniel Nadler & Pete Kruskall*, Founders of Kensho Technologies
*Akhil Nigam*, Founder and President of Masschallenge

*Krzysztof Gajos*, Professor of Human Computer Interaction
*Perry Hewitt*, Chief Digital Officer

*Sujay Tyle*, Thiel Fellow
*Saagar Deshpande*, President Emeritus of the Harvard Computer Society
*Amy Yin*, Founder of the Harvard Women in Computer Science.
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