[HCS] Recap of HCS Bootcamp + Next week!

Kenny Yu kennyyu at college.harvard.edu
Thu Sep 26 03:39:40 EDT 2013

Hi all,

Thanks to all of you who made it today! Here's a recap:

** Slides:* http://goo.gl/5NJyWw

* *Bootcamp wiki:* https://github.com/hcs/bootcamp-unix/wiki

** Sign up for Piazza:* Piazza is a question-and-answer tool for classes,
and we'll be using it to answer questions you may have about HCS and
bootcamps. For those of you that came today and filled out the survey, you
should have already received an email to sign up for piazza. If you would
like to *sign up for piazza*, follow this link:

* We only had time to work through the first exercise (scavenger hunt parts
1 & 2). *We'll finish the rest of the bootcamp (shell scripts and building
the scraper)* the next time we meet for a bootcamp, 2 weeks from today
(next week will be the Y-combinator talk)

* If you had trouble going through the exercises today, I *highly*
recommend you reread the bootcamp wiki pages from the beginning and *work
through the exercises and solutions at your own pace.*
* If you feel comfortable with the material, I highly encourage to try
finishing the rest of the bootcamp yourself! (shell scripts and the scraper)

* *Next week:* Instead of a normal bootcamp next week, we're having the
Y-Combinator tech talk by its founder, Paul Graham!

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at board at hcs.harvard.edu !

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