[HCS] HCS First Meeting Recap & Action Items

Kenny Yu kennyyu at college.harvard.edu
Thu Sep 19 19:26:58 EDT 2013

Hi all,

Thanks to all of you for coming to our first HCS meeting this Monday! We
hope you're excited to attend the upcoming bootcamps!

* Here are the *slides* from Monday: http://goo.gl/jk45W1
* Here is the link to the *wiki to setup your computer* for bootcamps:
* In general, HCS projects and bootcamps are on our *github*:

* Fill out the *bootcamp interest survey* if you haven't already!
http://goo.gl/IUTktA (this was included in the original bootcamp email)
* Make a *github account* (www.github.com), and tell us your username:
* *Setup your computer* for bootcamps if you haven't already (using the
wiki link from above)
* We have also created a *piazza* for HCS! Piazza is a question and answer
website for classes, and we'll be using it to help you with our bootcamps
and comp process. We'll send more information about this soon.

* Start practicing using a *text editor*! (see Slide 13, "Using a text
editor", http://goo.gl/jk45W1)
* Start practicing using the *command line*! (if you don't already know
what these are, google and try out these commands: "ls", "cat", "cd",
"mkdir", "cat", "echo")


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