[HCS] Stripe Tech Talk Thursday at 7:40pm

Carl Jackson carl at hcs.harvard.edu
Wed Sep 18 15:15:05 EDT 2013

Hey HCS—

For those of you who don't know me, I'm Carl Jackson. I graduated this
past year, and was President of HCS from 2011-2013.

These days, I'm working on systems and infrastructure at Stripe [1].
We're a three year-old, 65-person startup in San Francisco that's trying
to build better financial infrastructure for the web. Several of us are
in town for recruiting season, and we'd love to talk to you about Stripe!

Evan Broder (MIT '10), another infrastructure engineer at Stripe, will
be giving a tech talk on Thursday at 7:40pm in Sever 213 entitled
"Lessons Learned Running Stripe's API," in which he looks at several of
the clever design decisions Stripe has made in order to keep the Stripe
API [2] up.

And of course, in an HCS tradition going back many, many generations, there
will be pizza.

[1]: https://stripe.com
[2]: https://stripe.com/docs/api

== About Stripe

Stripe is the best way to accept credit card payments on websites and in
mobile apps. We're building economic infrastructure for the Web, and
we're dedicated to solving hard problems through good software, building
technology that people love to use, and creating an effective and happy
team along the way. Stripe powers payments for thousands of businesses
of every size—from start-ups to Fortune 50 companies.

Stripe is a 65-person startup in San Francisco. Stripe's investors
include PayPal co-founders Peter Thiel, Max Levchin, and Elon Musk,
Sequoia Capital and Andreessen Horowitz. Stripe's engineers include Carl
Jackson '13 (HCS), Christian Anderson '13 (HCS), John Collison '13, Greg
Brockman '13 (HCS), Jim Danz '12 (HCS), Siddarth Chandrasekaran '12
(HCS), Andy Brody '11 (HCS), Jeremy Hoon '11 (HCS), and Thairu '03.

== jobs @ Stripe

==== Positions we're hiring for

We wear many hats and write code in many languages. We're hiring
engineers of pretty much all stripes (ahem), including people interested
in focusing on infrastructure and reliability, product, data and
analytics, or fraudbusting.

You can see more about the specific work we're focused on at
https://stripe.com/jobs, though we love to hire great people even if
they don't fit exactly into one of those buckets.

==== What we look for

- Elegance in your design, architecture, and tools. (A carefully
  constructed .vimrc or equivalent is always a good sign.)
- A history of work on personal projects.
- Eloquence and clarity in your writing. You err on the side of
- Broad interests in things other than software.
- A personality that makes others go out of their way to spend time with

==== How to apply

Get in touch at jobs at stripe.com.  We like: code, GitHub links, demos,
and personal referrals.

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