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Saagar Deshpande saagar at hcs.harvard.edu
Mon Sep 16 17:37:38 EDT 2013

Hey HCS!

Bridgewater Associates is having a tech talk about the IBM Watson project.
The details are below, and it definitely looks like it'll be a super
awesome talk!

Hope you can make it!

- Saagar

*Saagar Deshpande*
*saagar at hcs.harvard.edu*

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The principal investigator of the IBM Watson project, David Ferrucci, is
coming to give a tech talk this Wednesday about the history of AI, the IBM
Watson project, and his new AI project at Bridgewater. This is a really
cool opportunity to meet one of the leading experts in AI today who led one
of the most impressive AI projects to date.

More details are in the attached flyer. The important information is:

   - Takes place on *Wednesday September 18th 5-6pm in MD 119*
   - There will be *free food* at the event!
   - Watson vs. Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter
   - Bridgewater Website <http://www.bwater.com/> (Bridgewater is the
   world's largest hedge fund and is recruiting management, investment, and
   technology associates from Harvard)

Definitely come out if you are interested in AI, the Watson project, or

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