[HCS] First HCS meeting and free pizza!!! Monday 9/16, 7pm, SOCH 105

Kenny Yu kennyyu at college.harvard.edu
Fri Sep 13 01:07:31 EDT 2013

First HCS Meeting!
*When*: Monday 9/16, 7pm
*Where*: SOCH 105
Free Pizza!
Bring your laptops!
Bootcamp setup and previews!

Hi all!

Our first HCS meeting will be this *Monday 9/16 at 7pm in SOCH 105*! Since
our meeting is in the quad, *we'll wait by the John Harvard statue, and
then we'll all head over together to the SOCH at 6:45*!
*Bring your laptops!!!*

*Please take a quick 30 seconds to fill out this form if you're interested
in attending our bootcamps:* http://goo.gl/IUTktA

Here's our agenda for the meeting:

* *Get your laptops setup for our bootcamps this semester!* This means
setting up a UNIX environment (this is especially important for Windows
users), setting up git, getting your github accounts setup, getting you
setup with a text editor (emacs vs. vim?), and installing other useful
developer tools you'll be using this semester!

* *Give you a whirlwind preview of the things you'll be learning in our
bootcamps.* Use the command line and UNIX tools effectively; source control
with git; programming in python; web scraping; building a chat server; and
more! For a list of some of our projects and past bootcamps, see our
github: https://github.com/hcs

* *Discuss our comp process and expectations.* Our goal is that you learn
and take away useful software engineering skills from our bootcamps, and to
provide you with the resources to hack on cool projects! *NOTE:
little-to-no programming experience is required for our bootcamps!*

* *Feed you pizza.* Gotta have pizza. Seriously.

* *Meet and greet!* All of us in HCS can agree that some of the most
valuable career and computer science advice we've received have come from
upperclass{men,women}, especially upperclass{men,women} involved with HCS.
Come prepared with any questions you have about classes, concentrating in
computer science, software engineering, internship/job/career questions, or
any other cool stuff you want to talk about!

Looking forward to seeing you all on Monday!

Kenny, HCS Bootcamp Manager
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