[HCS] Got 7 minutes and time for dinner? Harvard I/O THIS FRIDAY!

Saagar Deshpande saagar at hcs.harvard.edu
Thu Apr 25 15:20:23 EDT 2013

*Hi all -

Sign up for Harvard I/O NOW! We have limited tickets remaining!


Brace Yourselves. Harvard I/O is coming

* Nine speakers. Ninety minutes. Infinite ideas.*

Join TEC at Harvard (A Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Computing
Initiative including
Harvard Computer Society, Harvard Women in Computer Science,
HarvardCollege Venture Partners, HackHarvard, and
Harvard College Developers for Development) for a night of rapid fire tech
talks and delicious food and mingling.

Check out our amazing lineup of....



   Scott Crouch
   Combatting America's Gangs: How a new approach to software can help law
   enforcement push back against our most dangerous criminals

   Brandon Liu
   How can technology be used to Repair The World? The power of social
   impact technology

   Peter Boyce
   There was nothing like this when I was at Harvard



   Radhika Napgal
   Collective Intelligence: Social insects, social robots, and social
   computer scientists

   Jim Waldo

   Steve Chong
   Discovering security guarantees: empowering developers to discover
   strong security guarantees for their code: more effort results in better



   Walter Bender of One Laptop Per Child
   Learning to Change the World: How the culture of Free Software can (and
   will) change education

   Tuan Ho of Tivli
   - ... and more!

* Dinner and a chance to mingle will follow the talks.

Where: SOCH 104

When: Friday, April 26, 2013 @ 5:30pm

RSVP NOW! Space will be limited.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity of a semester!
*Facebook <https://www.facebook.com/events/507568419299973/>  &
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