[HCS] Bootcamp returns: Python edition

Siddarth Chandrasekaran chandrasekaran.siddarth at gmail.com
Tue Oct 11 19:05:02 EDT 2011

Hi folks,

Same place, same time, different topic, more awesome.
HCS Boot Camp returns Wednesday 10/12 at *7.30 PM *in *SOCH* Seminar
Room P14 for an hour* of Python magic.

*"What is Python?"*
"*Python is an interpreted, object-oriented, high-level programming
language with dynamic semantics" -

*"Am I supposed to know Python?"*
**No!  Our bootcamp session will get you going with a brief introductory
presentation, followed by more of a "guided tutorial" than we experienced in
the Linux intro last week (goal: maximize your ability to get one-on-one
assistance as you're learning).

*"Well, I'm a super l33t Python hacker, so I'll stay home."*
**No!  In keeping with the "come one, come all" theme, we have something
special planned for folks who come in with existing Python knowledge.  Trust
us, you'll be hacking on a sweet project by the end of the night.

*"Will there be pizza again?"*

* = the hour-mark will be the time that we let people leave politely, but
we'll be around for longer if folks want to keep going.

Little-r me with questions.  Hope to see you there!


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