[HCS] Office Hours/Meeting from 1pm today!

Keito Uchiyama keito at hcs.harvard.edu
Sat Sep 19 11:45:41 EDT 2009

Just a reminder that our office hours are *today, from 1pm to 3pm* at our
office in the SOCH, room 307!

A clarification: our office hours are both for us to work on our various
projects (like our virtualization project, starting today!), and also for
users of our services to come in and ask us questions (hence the term
"office hours" :) ) We'll take questions until 3pm, but many of us will be
staying later than that, so if you want to work on something, feel free to
come any time during 1pm - 3pm.

And if you get lost, give us a call at (617) 401-7375 and we'll help you

See you soon-


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Subject: New Office Hours and Seminar Times
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Due to popular demand, we've decided to implement new times for office hours
going forward, in conjunction with our new seminar program.

There will be two types of weeks, Week 0, and Week 1; each of the weeks will
look like the following:

*Week 0*
*Tuesday*: HCS Dinner at 6pm, in Quincy Dining Hall
Followed by: Seminar of the Week at 7pm, in Maxwell-Dworkin 119
*Saturday*: HCS Office Hours from 1-3pm in our office at the Student
Organization Center in Hilles, room 307

*Week 1*
*Tuesday*: HCS Office Hours from 8-10pm, in our office at the SOCH, room 307

*This week is a Week 0*; we'll have office hours on Saturday.
*Next week is also a Week 0*; on Tuesday, we'll have our seminar on the two
most popular Linux text editors, vim and emacs, sponsored by CS 50, and
office hours on Saturday.
*The week after that will be a Week 1,* and hence will start our regular

Confused? Follow our Google Calendar at <http://www.hcs.harvard.edu/events>
for an always up-to-date schedule that you can even import into your
favorite iCal-compatible calendaring software.

Hope to see you at the seminars, dinners, and office hours!

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