[HCS] Upcoming HCS Events

Greg Brockman brockman at hcs.harvard.edu
Sat Sep 5 18:31:59 EDT 2009

Hello denizens of HCS land,

Our introductory meetings are drawing ever nearer.  If you're an HCS
member, or would like to get involved, we'd love to see you at the
following events (listed in increasing order of importance).

== Upcoming Events ==

Pre-Intro Meeting with HCEF: Sun, Sept 6, 6pm-7pm HCEF Innovation Space at HSA offices (67 Mt. Auburn)
Official Intro Meeting: Mon, Sept 7, 7pm-8pm in room 320 in the SOCH.
Opening Hackathon: Sat, Sept 12, 1pm-7pm in room 307 in the SOCH.

See www.hcs.harvard.edu/events for more information. Also note that
there will be food at all of these events. We'd appreciate if you
would send us an email with your probability of attendance (assuming
it's nonzero) so we know how much food to get you.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, or if you can't
make it to the official intro but would like to know about the
awesomeness you missed out on. If you get lost or confused on the way
to an event, the HCS Google Voice number is (617) 401-7375.

All the best,

Membership Coordinator

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