[HCS] IOP Forum Event, co-sponsored by HCS

Greg Brockman brockman at hcs.harvard.edu
Mon Feb 23 11:58:02 EST 2009

The Harvard Computer Society is co-sponsoring the following event at the =

IOP Forum:

  FORUM: The Net Generation and the Transformation of Democracy -- A
  public address by: Don Tapscott, Author of Wikinomics

Date: Tuesday, February 24 2009
Time: 06:00 PM
Location: John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum, 79 JFK Street

Description: On Tuesday, February 24 at 6:00 p.m., Don Tapscott, the =

author of Wikinomics:  How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything, is =

coming to speak at the JFK Jr. Forum at the Kennedy School of =

Government.  Mr. Tapscott is a successful business executive and dynamic =

author (or co-author) of 11 books related to economics, technology, and =

business, and is at the forefront of the internet technology field.  His =

most recent book, Wikinomics, examines how open source and collaborative =

technologies (e.g. wikis) will redefine business in the 21st century and =

empower people participating in the global exchange of information.  =

More information can be found at his website:  =

http://www.wikinomics.com/blog.  This Forum event will include a public =

address by Mr. Tapscott and a question and answer session with the =

general audience.

We also have room for up to three HCS members to meet Tapscott after the =

event at around 7:30 pm.  If you are interested, please reply to this =

email by 8pm tonight.


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