[HCS] Announcing the Return of Datamatch!

HCS Datamatch datamatch at hcs.harvard.edu
Sun Feb 8 06:55:37 EST 2009

Does your typical Valentines Day look like this?

while (February 14th){
        remember past breakups while walking to class;
        scratch out misshapen hearts while (not) listening to section;
        huddle up with safety blanket when no one is looking;
        look down nose on best friends mountain of Valentines gifts;
        if (true)
                burst into tears;

Want to break the loop? The Harvard Computer Society is offering just the
service to distract, amuse and serenade you away from your Valentines
troubles and into the arms of your potential spouses.

Presenting Datamatch, an online dating service written by Harvard students,
for Harvard students. With programming code written by two-time Ig Nobel
winner, Dr. Ye Ahright, and computers so powerful that even we can't control
them, our proprietary artificial intelligence will match you with the people
on campus with whom you are most compatible. Guaranteed.

Just complete our quick survey by 11:59 PM on February 13 and you'll receive
an email with the identities of your ten Harvard soulmates before you head
off to class on the 14th. This Valentine's, break the loop. Inject your day
with gigabytes of excitement, humor and romance. All available, free of
charge, at http://www.hcs.harvard.edu/datamatch.

HCS Datamatch <http://hcs.harvard.edu/datamatch/>

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