[HCS] Office Hours, Comp Projects, Ig Nobels, Facebook Event, and more!

Joshua Kroll jkroll at fas.harvard.edu
Tue Sep 30 15:31:04 EDT 2008

We'll have office hours tonight. As usual, they're from 8-10pm in SOCH
307 and you can meet me at 7:45 at the John Harvard statue to walk up
around 7:50 or you can take the shuttle from Boyleston gate at 7:40,
8:00, or 8:20.

Tonight's agenda will include:
-A recap of our meeting today with Larry Levine, Dean of FAS IT, and
James Cuff, head of Research Computing for FAS IT. Come learn what's
new in Harvard IT systems and complain about what you don't like so we
can pass it to them when we follow up!
-A discussion of how to pick a comp project for HCS and how to get
started working on it.
-Event planning for a massive conference on careers in technology that
we're planning to have Oct. 24 & 25 (mark your calendars now!)
including plans for how to get sponsorships.
-Planning for the delegation we're sending to the Ig Nobel awards.

On that last point, if you're interested in going to the Igs in the
HCS delegation, do contact me. I have 5 free tickets for people who
can do some small volunteer tasks. Preference will go to people who've
already asked about helping, but that still leaves at least 3 tickets!

Also, we're having an event with Facebook on Friday at 12pm in
Maxwell-Dworkin G135. It's a recruiting event, but judging by the
event we did with them last year, it will be a lot of fun and very
interesting. They're sending 3 engineers, all Harvard alumni, to talk
about how the Newsfeed and Ads systems are designed and put together.
One of the engineers was the lead designer of Newsfeed. Another is Tom
Carriero, who graduated last year.

If you're coming to the Facebook event, please RSVP at:


Expect another announcement for that event later this week!


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