[HCS] Announcements: New Office Hour Time (starting tomorrow!), Events this week

Joshua Kroll jkroll at fas.harvard.edu
Mon Sep 22 22:30:35 EDT 2008

There are several announcements in this e-mail - read it carefully.

1. Office hours this year will now be held on Tuesdays from 8-10 PM,
effective tomorrow. They are no longer on Wednesdays. This is the
result of polling people as to the best time - Tuesdays won by a 2:1

2. HCS is running a seminar open and geared to a general audience
called "Everyday Computing" on Wednesday in Hilles P02 at 6PM. There
will be pizza, courtesy of SOCH. The seminar will cover ways you can
use technology to make your life easier and ways you can use tech,
particularly the web, to solve, not create, problems. Look for an
announcement on your house/dorm list soon.

We give several seminars throughout the year meant for general
audiences. If you'd like to run one on anything from web design to why
automata are cool, send me an e-mail and we'll work something out.

3. The CS Department has invited us to a talk by the USPTO on
Wednesday at 4PM in Maxwell-Dworkin G115. I'm not sure what exactly
the talk is about (it's going to be a surprise!), but it will likely
be about what the patent office is doing to modernize to reflect the
new technology/innovation environment as created by computers. If you
were ever curious about patent law or what the USPTO does, this should
be a good event. Also, the CS department has a tendency to get good
snacks. Note that they're recruiting, so you might bring your resume.

4. HCS is hosting a tech talk by the founder of Elysium Digital, a
technology litigation consulting firm in Cambridge, on the case
StorageTek v. CHE. This will be a joint event with the Journal of Law
and Technology and the Berkman Center. You can read more online at
www.hcs.harvard.edu/techtalks/elysium. This event will not only have
food, it will have really good food (dinner, in fact) provided by
Elysium. It's worth noting that one of Elysium's star consultants is
Steve Melendez, a recent HCS alum. They'll be recruiting, too.

If you like technology and the law, this is really your week. Anyway,
that's all for now - watch the website, www.hcs.harvard.edu, for more.


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