[HCS] Office Hours and Seminar

Joshua Kroll jkroll at fas.harvard.edu
Wed Feb 27 14:06:32 EST 2008

We'll have our regular office hours this week. They'll be following
our seminar on services at 6PM (come if you can!). We'll be discussing
many of our projects, several of which have seen a lot of progress
this week. Notably, we'll be setting a launch date for hcs-pkg, our
new package manager for commonly used software (wikis, blogs, CMSs,
etc.). Also, if someone actually remembers to bring an empty 512 mb or
greater memory stick, we'll reimage the XO laptops and play with them.
We'll also be discussing what the average Crimson reporter needs to
know about technology in order to research common story themes such as
the e-mail system, wireless, Joomla hacks, and the like.

Plus, we'll have food (either pizza or leftover sandwiches), great wit
and panache, and a brand-new sign on our door.


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