[HCS] Office Hours and Datamatch

Joshua Kroll jkroll at fas.harvard.edu
Wed Feb 13 15:57:42 EST 2008

We'll have our usual weekly office hours tonight from 8-10 PM in SOCH
307, complete with pizza, jokes, and continued enjoyment of our
newly-cleaned office. Topics might include:

-Ranking the Datamatch questions in preparation for sending out the
e-mails later tonight.
-Flashing the XO laptops to the newest version of the OLPC software
release that they'll support, so that they have the cool GUI and so
that we can start doing work on them.
-Attacking some of the systems projects on the whiteboard.
-Dreaming up new projects and ones that aren't systems-focused in particular.
-Schemes to take over MIT and from there the world.

Remember, if you haven't done Datamatch yet, there's still time:
www.hcs.harvard.edu/datamatch - over 1000 people have already

Finally, mark your calendars for next week:
Tuesday, 8-9 PM - SOCH Open House, at which we'll be showing off the
office, recruiting, and probably doing a bunch of Account Services
consulting for other groups.
Wednesday, 8-10 PM - Our usual office hours, which will be low-key
because of everything else that's going on.
Thursday, 6-7 PM - A "Tech Talk" by Facebook, which I've made them
promise will be good, interesting, and not overly-generalized like
most of the tech talk/recruiting sessions we've all seen. Also,
they'll be providing dinner in the form of better pizza than we
usually have. I believe they will also have Facebook swag, though I'm
not sure.

More on next week's activities, well, next week.


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