[HCS] Datamatch Question Writing! Tonight, 2/5, 10-12

Joshua Kroll jkroll at fas.harvard.edu
Tue Feb 5 12:51:34 EST 2008

Do you:
-Like to make jokes?
-Like to hear them?
-Have a sense of humor?
-Want to have your work read by over 2000 undergraduates?
-Not have much homework yet?
-Know what the Java keyword "finally" means?

If you answered "yes" to at least one of the above questions, you're
qualified to help write questions for Datamatch 2008! Join us tonight
in the Adams House Coolidge Room from 10:00 onward as we convene a
dark cabal to arrange the dating scene at Harvard for the next year
with food, fun, and a lot of nerdy jokes.* We'll also have food.
Lastly, please bring your laptop, since we'll put the questions in a
Google doc. Can't make it tonight? Join us via your favorite Web 2.0
technology! Still can't make it? We'll be finalizing and putting up
the quiz tomorrow night at our meeting in Hilles; you can join us then
or just submit contributions beforehand.

*We'll take the least nerdy ones and convert them to the Datamatch quiz.

If you've never been to an HCS event or meeting before, this is a
great way to get involved. You can come for any or all of the time and
if you wish you can just listen quietly from one end of the table.
Bring as many people as you can - the more we have, the better
Datamatch 2008 will be!

To get to the Coolidge room, enter Randolph Hall through the entrance
across from the Lampoon building ("G" Entry). Turn left and the
Coolidge room will be straight ahead (at the base of "H" Entry). If
you get lost, send me an e-mail or call me (you can e-mail me this
afternoon if you need my number).

To sum up:

Datamatch Question Writing Session
Tonight, 2/5/2008
10:00-12:00, Adams House Coolidge Room
Bring a laptop for collaboration.

Join us. Because "great wit and panache" is in our mission statement.


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