[HCS] summer jobs -- or True Love?

Gregory Price gprice at hcs.harvard.edu
Mon Feb 12 21:33:04 EST 2007

In this issue:

 * Datamatch closes at 11:59 PM tomorrow, the 13th!
   Don't miss your chance to be matched with your soulmate:
   It's quick, it's witty, and it's 100% money-back guaranteed.

 * CS Table: summer jobs.
   Thursday, Feb 15th, 5:30 PM in Mather Small Dining Room

   Thinking about a summer job in computer science,
   in a software company, maybe in a startup?
   We've got just the panel discussion for you.

   Four students and an '03 alum will talk about their experiences
   at Google, Microsoft, NVidia, Cambridge-based search firm Endeca,
   doing research in the Harvard CS department, and at Facebook
   back when it was a wee startup in a rented house in Palo Alto.

   Come at 5:30 to sit down and start eating; panel starts at 6.

The Harvard Computer Society

----- and more about Datamatch, because it's awesome -----

Are you tired of awkward first dates, endless rejections and drunken
gyrations somewhere in Pfoho? Dismayed by the high cost of mail-order
spouses? Finding yourself stymied by a confusing and restrictive core

Then visit http://www.hcs.harvard.edu/datamatch today.

The Harvard Computer Society is proud to announce the return of
Datamatch, Harvard's once and future computer dating service. Our
proprietary artificial intelligence system, powered by programming
code so complex that no one person understands it all and by computers
so powerful that we had to lock them in a cage buried below campus,
will match you with the people on campus with whom you are most
compatible. Guaranteed.

Just complete our quick, astonishingly witty survey by 11:59 PM on
February 13 and you'll receive an email with the identities of your
ten Harvard soulmates before you head off to class on the 14th. This
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Our algorithm, equipped with over a decade's worth of information on
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who took on machines and failed miserably, embarrassing their friends
and families. Do you want to see your well-meaning blockmate who knows
the perfect guy or girl for you die with a hammer in her hand or,
worse yet, devote her life to some quixotic struggle to prevent the
return of totalitarianism to Russia under Vladimir Putin? I didn't
think so.

So try Datamatch today at http://www.hcs.harvard.edu/datamatch .

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