[HCS] Intro Meeting/Office Hours - Monday, Sci Ctr 229, 8pm

Maanit Desai maanit at gmail.com
Mon Sep 25 19:21:47 EDT 2006

Hi all -

This is just a reminder that we will be having our first meeting
tonight in the Science Center, room 229 at 8.  That's only a little
bit from now!

Maanit Desai

On 9/21/06, Steven Michael Melendez <melend at fas.harvard.edu> wrote:
> The Harvard Computer Society will be holding its introductory meeting and
> office hours this Monday, September 25, in Science Center room 229. Pizza
> and soft drinks will be served.
> Existing members, potential members and everyone in between are invited to
> hear and propose ideas for this year's projects and learn what the Harvard
> Computer Society is all about. Existing members vary widely in technical
> expertise, and it's definitely possible to make a contribution and enjoy
> being involved with the society, even if you're not (yet) a Linux guru.
> Most members of the society aren't computer science concentrators, and
> anyone at Harvard interested in computers should attend this meeting,
> regardless of background.
> Potential projects for this year include continuing to maintain and
> upgrade our servers running Ubuntu Linux, continuing the guest speakers
> program that's brought speakers like Paul Graham, Stephen Wolfram, Steve
> Wozniak, Cory Doctorow and Tim O'Reilly to campus, rejuvenating the
> currently dormant but previously popular series of on-campus seminars
> introducing Harvardians to Photoshop, LaTeX, the GIMP and other useful
> software, providing much-needed companionship to lonely Harvardians at
> Valentine's Day through our famed Datamatch program and anything else
> members find to be of interest.
> Student groups and individuals with questions about HCS services are also
> encouraged to attend, and we'll be happy to provide you with a slice of
> pizza and some useful assistance. If you can't make it to office hours,
> please contact account services at acctserv at hcs.harvard.edu to see if we
> can solve your problem via email or make an appointment.
> If you want to find out more about the Harvard Computer Society, you might
> also want to consider subscribing to the discussion list through our
> online form at http://lists.hcs.harvard.edu/mailman/listinfo/hcs-discuss
> Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions. I hope to see you
> at the meeting.
> Steven Melendez
> HCS President
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