[HCS] Datamatch and Doctorow

Steven Michael Melendez melend at fas.harvard.edu
Sun Feb 12 16:55:34 EST 2006

Office hours will be held tomorrow as usual, beginning at 8pm in our
office in Thayer Basement. All are welcome, and most likely pizza will be

One of our main orders of business will be wrapping up this year's
incarnation of Datamatch and sending out the match emails. If you haven't
signed up yet, now's the time: just visit http://hcs.harvard.edu/datamatch
And, look for press coverage in the Harvard Independent issue due out
Thursday, February 16.

Don't forget to attend the HCS/Free Culture/Berkman Center lecture by
Cory Doctorow at 6pm on Wednesday, February 15. Refreshments will be
served, and Mr. Doctorow is an excellent writer and speaker. The topic is
"Set Top Cop: Hollywood's Secret War on Your Living Room" and the talk
will focus on legal and technical measures designed to limit traditional
consumer freedoms and fair use rights. For more information, please visit

See you there!

Steven Melendez
HCS President

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