[HCS] Announcements for the Summer

Matt Fasman mfasman at hcs.harvard.edu
Sat Jun 4 11:55:24 EDT 2005

In this Announce:
1. Summer Office Hours Schedule
2. Service Requests During the Summer
3. Spam
4. Special Election at the First Meeting in September

1. Summer Office Hours Schedule

HCS will continue to hold office hours during the summer on some Monday evenings. On June 6, this Monday, we will have office 
hours from 8pm - 9pm. Knock on the office windows if you would like to be let in. Future office hours will be announced as 
they come up. As usual, all members of the Harvard student body are welcome, especially those with computer questions.

2. Service Requests During the Summer

HCS will continue to respond to inquiries and requests regarding our services. As always, please contact acctserv at hcs with any 
of these questions. However, as most of HCS has gone away for the summer, there may be a slightly longer delay in replying to 
new requests.

3. Spam

It's good as lunch, but not in your inbox. Ivan Krstic is currently leading a project to reduce the spam that HCS groups 
receive. If you notice any legitimate emails that should be getting through but are not, please email systems at hcs as soon as 
you can.

4. Special Election at the First September Meeting

Congratulations to Greg Price, our current president, who will be taking next year off to become the next Bill Gates. (More 
accurately, he is going to be starting a new venture, which will hopefully be as successful.) Because our president must be a 
currently enrolled student, HCS will have elections at its first regular meeting in September. More information will be 
available as the date nears, but just be sure to arrive at school by the first day of classes.

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