[HCS] Office Hours Tomorrow [July 12, 2005]

Matthew Stuart Fasman mfasman at fas.harvard.edu
Sun Jul 10 22:45:06 EDT 2005

In this Announce:
1. Office Hours
2. Fall Barbecue

1. HCS will be having office hours tomorrow from 8:30pm - 10pm in the
usual location of Thayer basement. We have a couple of machines that need
setting up, and might even be pizza. If you're in the area, stop by , and
bring any summer school students that might be interested.

2. This fall, HCS will be having a barbecue on October 2, 2005. All
current members, prospective members, and alumni are very welcome and
encouraged to attend. In particular, we would like to have any area alumni
that can make it, so if you run into any you know, please invite them.
More details as to the location and the exact times will be going out
later this summer.

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