[HCS]Announce for week of May 10, 2004

Yves T. Wang ytwang at hcs.harvard.edu
Wed May 12 00:32:41 EDT 2004

This announce email is sort of late.  Actually, I didn't intend to send one
out this week, but several things are happening which may interest you.

(1) Spring Cleaning
(2) CampusShare
(3) iSites
(4) Projects

(1) Spring Cleaning          May 14, 2004

This Friday, the Office of Student Activities is hosting a Spring Cleaning
Day from 12:00 - 5:00 PM.  I will not be able to make it, but some of the
other officers will probably be there for part of the time.  Another email
will be sent out regarding the times for anyone interested in helping out or
just dropping by the HCS office.

(2) CampusShare

Microsoft has given HCS administrative access to CampusShare.  An email has
been sent out to the groups that expressed interest in the trial of
CampusShare.  Unfortunately, the agreement that was signed with Microsoft
limits our ability to add additional groups to the trial.  However, if you
are interested, please contact me at <ytwang at hcs>, and please take a look at
the following topic.

(3) iSites

HASCS will begin to use a product similar to Microsoft's SharePoint, but
developed by a Harvard group, in the Fall.  They have offered the use of
iSites for student groups.  HCS has not yet had a chance to look at iSites,
but if any student group is interested in looking at iSites over the summer,
please contact me at <ytwang at hcs>.  My first impression of iSites is that it
offers fewer features than CampusShare, which uses SharePoint, but has some
special features that are designed specifically for Harvard, such as
HUID/PIN authentication for restricting access to pages.  iSites is located
at <http://isites.harvard.edu> (requires HUID/PIN).

(4) Projects

Here is a list of ongoing project.  If you have any project ideas, please
let us know at <board at hcs>.

Mailing List Improvement
HCS is starting a project to make mailing lists easier to create and use.
The current plan is to use Kerberos to allow easy access to list tools from
the FAS UNIX prompt and to use HUID/PIN authentication for a web-based
interface.  Contact Gregory Price <gprice at eecs> if you are interesting on
working on this project or would like to learn more about it.

Gaming Tournament
If anyone is interested in participating and/or organizing a campus
computer-gaming tournament (Starcraft, Halo, Unreal, etc.) during the
reading period, contact Kuanysh <batyrbek at fas>.  The Tournament will take
place if a sufficient number of people express their interest so please
reply immediately so that we can start preparing for it.

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