[HCS]Announce for week of May 3, 2004

Yves T. Wang ytwang at hcs.harvard.edu
Mon May 3 00:37:14 EDT 2004

(1) Office Hours
(2) CampusShare
(3) Projects

(1) Office Hours          May 3, 2004 - 7 PM

This will the last official Office Hours for the semester.  Drop by for help
with websites or mailing lists or just to grab some pizza and hang out.  If
you need assistance during the summer, please email <acctserv at hcs>.  Also,
we will be assembling the second PC and trying to figure out why the first
one doesn't output a signal to the monitor.

(2) CampusShare

We have signed the agreement with Microsoft and sent it in.  We expect to
start the trial by the beginning of next week.  If you have expressed
interest in the trial, we will be contacting you with instructions on how to
get started as soon as Microsoft gets back to us.

(3) Projects

Here is a list of ongoing project.  If you have any project ideas, please
let us know at <board at hcs>.

Mailing List Improvement
HCS is starting a project to make mailing lists easier to create and use.
Contact Gregory Price <gprice at eecs> if you know anything about Mailman,
Kerberos, or MIT's Athena, or if you know of some other tool that might
help us do the job.  Also, let him know if you are interesting on working on
this project.

Gaming Tournament
If anyone is interested in participating and/or organizing a campus
computer-gaming tournament (Starcraft, Halo, Unreal, etc.) during the
reading period, contact Kuanysh <batyrbek at fas>.  The Tournament will take
place if a sufficient number of people express their interest so please
reply immediately so that we can start preparing for it.

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