[HCS]announce for wk 10/13/2003

Cassia Ines Faria Martin cimartin at hcs.harvard.edu
Mon Oct 13 11:43:41 EDT 2003

(1) Office hours tonight at 8-10
(2) ACM Crossroads Call for CS Education Articles

(1) Office hours tonight at 8-10
If you went to the acctserv training and want to ask some more questions,
or if you didn't go to the acctserv meeting, and want to figure out what
you missed, come to office hours tonight.

Btb, some officers are contemplating moving up office hours one hour,
from 8-10 to 7-9.  If that changes your ability to attend, in either
direction, do let us know, to help make the decision.

(2) ACM Crossroads Call for CS Education Articles
I'm forwarding this message from the ACM student magazine.

Call For Articles
Crossroads, the Association for Computing Machinery Student Magazine
Computer Science Education (Summer 2004)
DUE DATE: 10 November 2003
SUBMISSION ADDRESS: http://www.acm.org/crossroads/submit/
INFORMATION: crossroads at acm.org

The Crossroads editorial staff invites authors to submit articles
dealing with topics drawn from several areas pertaining to computer
science education.  The following partial list of topics is provided to
give prospective authors ideas for articles and is by no means
exhaustive; other relevant topics will be considered. Papers that draw
connections between two or more of these areas are especially welcome.

What is a good first programming language?
Computer science education in small colleges
Mentoring women and ethnic minorities in computer science
Supporting undergraduate research projects
Detecting plagiarism
Teaching writing skills to computer science undergrads
Constructivist learning in computer science
International perspectives on computer science education
Interdisciplinary curriculum for computer science majors
Enriching computer science education with internships and co-ops
Distance learning in computer science
The use of Open Source Software and Linux in schools
Practical research efforts that enhance classroom learning
The role of mathematics and critical thinking skills in computer science

Articles should include a basic description of the kinds of problems
being worked on, the state of the art of research, the state of the art
of commercial applications, open problems, or future research/commercial
development trends. Interviews with researchers; reviews of related
books, software, videos, or conferences; and opinion columns on related
issues are also welcome. We especially encourage both undergraduate
and graduate students to submit articles. However, articles written or
coauthored by professionals will also be considered.

Crossroads articles should be written for a broad audience. They should
be easily understandable by someone who has had only the most basic
computer science instruction, and yet still be interesting to the
advanced computer enthusiast. Articles longer than 6000 words will
generally not be considered for publication. Feature articles should be
between 1500 and 6000 words; reviews should be between 800 and 2000
words; and opinion columns should be between 800 and 3000 words.
Articles should be written in a magazine style rather than a research
paper style. In consideration of our diverse readership, authors should
try to use language that is inclusive of people regardless of their
gender, race, religion, nationality, or field of study. Additional
writing guidelines and submission information are available online at
the Crossroads web site

Crossroads is published both online and in print. We have a print
circulation of about 20,000. All back issues are available for free on
our website. Authors that have an article printed in Crossroads can
receive complementary copies of the issue they were published in.

All submissions should be formatted in HTML or plain text format and
submitted via http://www.acm.org/crossroads/submit/

Submissions are due 10 November 2003 . They will be reviewed shortly
thereafter and authors of accepted submissions will be notified within
two to three weeks of the deadline.

Prospective authors are invited to send email to the editors of
Crossroads (crossroads at acm.org) indicating their intention to submit an
article. In this way we can keep everyone informed of any changes in
deadlines or formats and to make sure we have a good variety of
articles. General questions should also be sent to the Crossroads

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