[HCS]CS Table

Noam Zeilberger zeilberg at hcs.harvard.edu
Wed Nov 20 09:43:52 EST 2002

Today (Wednesday) David Molnar will be presenting a CS Table
talk on electronic signature schemes, in the Eliot house
Junior Common Room at 5:30PM.  His abstract:

The Uses of Signatures

My CS table talk will be about "electronic signatures" and cryptographic
signature schemes. In the physical world, signatures are important tools
for signalling agreement. Think of how many credit card receipts people

Once we go online, an ordinary signature no longer works. We need
something else. I'll talk about "electronic signatures," cryptographic and
otherwise, that people have tried. We'll see how they work and what their
problems might be. In the process we'll get up close and personal with

Then I'll switch gears and talk about cryptographic "signature schemes"
that have markedly different semantics from real world signatures. The
buzzword list includes "undeniable signatures," "group signatures," "ring
signatures," "identity-based signatures," and many more! Finally, if time
permits, I'll talk in more depth about some signature schemes that have
special graph "homomorphic" properties.

As with any CS Table talk, no prequisite knowledge assumed or required.

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