[HCS]announce for wk of 11/3/2002

Ami Vora avora at hcs.harvard.edu
Mon Nov 4 03:38:43 EST 2002

(1) Seminars!
(2) CS Table, 11-6-02, 5:30pm
(3) Wireless Logos
(4) Harvard's Digital Identity Conference

(1) Seminars!
No, your eyes don't deceive you--seminars are back, for your viewing


Monday, November 4

        5-6pm - SCB11c - "Latex"
        6-7pm - SCB11c - "Using Unix"

Tuesday, November 5

        3-4pm - SCB11c - "Using Unix"
        7:30-8:30 - SCB11c - "Basic HTML"

Wednesday, November 6

        7:30-8:30pm - SCB11c - "Latex"

Thursday, November 7

        6-7pm - SC120 - "Basic HTML"


        "Latex" - Always wanted to type your problem sets, but
                  just didn't know where to start? Fed up with
                  Word Equation Editor? Want to work on your thesis
                  from any terminal on campus? Find out how with
                  our seminars on the Latex document preparation system!

        "Basic HTML" - finally put together that web page you always
                       wanted. Impress your friends and awe your enemies.
                       No programming experience required.

        "Using Unix" - In which we introduce you to the wonders of fas%
                       and why it isn't just "the pine prompt." Will cover
                       talk, write, banner, and other ways to annoy your
                       friends at 2am, plus printing, finger, and other
                       useful commands. Come and bring a friend!


(2) CS Table, 11-6-02, 5:30pm
At this week's CS Table -- 5:30PM Wednesday in the Eliot JCR -- Noam
Zeilberger will be giving a talk entitled "Counting typable terms of the
simply typed lambda calculus for fun and profit."  He will provide some
background into type systems and then journey into the combinatorics of
lambda expressions, possibly even providing motivation.  A preview is
available at http://hcs.harvard.edu/~zeilberg/simplam.ps.  As always, the
talk will be followed by dinner and discussion.

The CS Table is a biweekly event aimed at providing a forum for
interesting topics of or related to comp- uter science, in an informal
setting.  If you would like to present at a future CS Table or have a
topic suggestion, please e-mail Bryan Parno <parno at hcs> or Noam Zeilberger
<zeilberg at hcs>.

(3) Wireless Logos
Hey, if you've read this far, you know you're procrastinating on that
midterm studying.  Procrastinate some more!  As you've probably noticed,
Harvard is going Wireless, and we've been asked to help provide student
feedback on the new wireless logos.  There are currently 10 logos at these
two sites:


Which one do you like?  Hit 'R', and let me know.

(4) Harvard's Digital Identity Conference
The Berkman Center, Harvard Law School's Center for Technology, is holding
a conference in November that sounds really interesting.  Details are
below.  Note that (free) registration is required, so you should check
out the website.

Internet & Society 2002: Harvard's Digital Identity
A Community Experiment, November 15-16

The identity of Harvard, the University, is understood and renowned both
externally and internally. But can we say the same about the Harvard
identity in the digital world? Who are we within the current framework of
technology and new media? Who ponders these questions, and who determines
the answers? Will you?

On November 15-16 Harvard University will hold the Fourth Harvard
Conference on Internet & Society--a unique experiment in collaborative
thinking about Harvard's digital identity. Open to all Harvard faculty,
administrators, students, staff, and alumni, the conference will feature
presenters and panelists including Provost Steven Hyman, President
Emeritus Derek Bok, and Dean Kim Clark of Harvard Business School.

As part of this community experiment, organizers invite those interested
in attending to visit the conference website. Visitors will be able to
access audio interviews with campus leaders and join in an online

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