[HCS]CS Table - 11/6 5PM

Noam Zeilberger zeilberg at hcs.harvard.edu
Sun Nov 3 23:44:25 EST 2002

At this week's CS Table -- 5:30PM Wednesday in the
Eliot JCR -- Noam Zeilberger will be giving a talk
entitled "Counting typable terms of the simply typed
lambda calculus for fun and profit."  He will provide
some background into type systems and then journey
into the combinatorics of lambda expressions, possibly
even providing motivation.  A preview is available at
http://hcs.harvard.edu/~zeilberg/simplam.ps.  As always,
the talk will be followed by dinner and discussion.

The CS Table is a biweekly event aimed at providing
a forum for interesting topics of or related to comp-
uter science, in an informal setting.  If you would
like to present at a future CS Table or have a topic
suggestion, please e-mail Bryan Parno <parno at hcs> or
Noam Zeilberger <zeilberg at hcs>

(What, can't I speak in the third person? If he can...)

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