[HCS]Two Corrections

Scott A. Golder golder at hcs.harvard.edu
Mon Oct 29 15:37:51 EST 2001

A helpful HCS alumnus pointed out an error in this week's announce message.
It seems, I said:

    "HASCS has recently revealed that they plan to do away with the
    fas news server, news.fas."

What they actually said, was they are *considering* this action.  I quote from
a usenet post from Kevin Davis:

    "At this time, FAS Computer Services is strongly considering
    retiring the news.fas server and eliminating news service on
    the FAS Network."

Thank you to the person who pointed this out.

However, since the decision has, strictly speaking, not been made yet, there
is an opportunity to present clear, logical reasons why maintaining a usenet
server is a good idea.

Secondly, perhaps my tone was militant in some ways; I want to stress that
this is an opportunity for discussion and mutual understanding of various
positions.  There are lots of outcomes to this disagreement that can be
palatable to everyone involved.

Followups to harvard.org.hcs please.  :)


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