[HCS]Napster discussion

Scott A. Golder golder at fas.harvard.edu
Wed Sep 13 11:58:47 EDT 2000

Recently, Harvard (among other universities) got a letter from Metallica,
demanding that the university ban Napster, in the name of intellectual
property.  This raises discussions about what is 'fair use', is Napster
fair or legal and should it be, etc.

The Harvard Computer Society would like to make a formal Open Letter of
sorts, to President Rudenstine, Metallica, Napster, and the internet
community as a whole about our views on such things as this.  However, it
is important that any member who wishes to have input in such a discussion
be able to do so.

This Thursday night (tomorrow -- sorry for the short notice) at 8 PM in the
HCS office, we will be holding an open meeting for all HCS members and
other persons affiated with HCS to discuss these issues.  At the end, we
hope to have a coherent statement to present to the world.  The input of
everyone on the list is requested.  Please send followups to hcs-discuss.


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