[Greener-benches] Thoughts on chemical sharing at FAS

Gilly, Quentin Carl quentin_gilly at harvard.edu
Tue Nov 4 09:02:58 EST 2014

Dear Greener-Benches,

In an effort make research at Harvard easier and greener, the FAS Green Labs Program is considering the promotion of "reagent sharing" on campus.  We would like to use an established listserv, such as Greeener-benches, for sharing platform.  People could let others know when they have extra chemicals they will not ever use, and others could ask the community if they could share a sample when they are in need.  We have discussed the potential for this program with EH&S, and they will assist us in communicating how to safely share lab reagents at FAS.

This could also be useful for:

*         If you need a small amount of a reagent, so you do not have to purchase a larger amount.

*         If you have overstocked a chemical, and would like to make it available to others.

*         If you run out of a reagent at the last minute, and need a small amount to get you through the experiment.

*         Reduce the need for excess generation of hazardous waste and materials.

*         If you have a reagent that will expire soon, but have no use for it, you can let others know that may need it.

We would like to hear any feedback you may have.

*         Would it bother you to receive emails through this list from people looking for reagents?

*         Do you think this would be a good idea for FAS, and the Green Labs Program?

*         Do you have chemicals that you think would be useful to others that are overstocked in your lab?

If you have any suggestions or feedback, please email me directly at quentin_gilly at harvard.edu<mailto:quentin_gilly at harvard.edu>.

Thank you,

Quentin Gilly
FAS Lab Sustainability Coordinator

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