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Happy Earth Month Everyone!
Resource conservation is always on our mind but even more so this month. Movie screenings, hackathons, fairs and freecycles are all there to expose us to different aspects of environmental issues and bring us together as a deeply engaged and united community.
We hope you will be able to attend at least a few of these great events. All details are below along with our recent program highlights.
Best wishes,
FAS Green News

*         Thursday, April 17, 12-1PM: Environmental Brown Bag Lunch Series This month we're changing things up a bit and showcasing a special documentary on the human impacts of climate change in preparation for an exciting event<http://green.harvard.edu/events/episode-screening-and-talk-years-living-dangerously-dan-abbasi> at HBS next week. We hope you can join us for this powerful movie and an exciting discussion! Mallinckrodt 102. Snacks will be provided.

*         Saturday, April 19, 9am-6:30pm, SUSTAINABILITY HACKATHON -Harvard i-Lab If you have ever wanted to solve real-world issues facing our planet, come participate in the first ever Sustainability Hackathon<http://green.harvard.edu/events/sustainability-hackathon> at Harvard.  This first-time event has been funded by a Student Sustainabilty Grant.  Come check it out!  Open to Harvard affiliates.

*         Tuesday, April 22, 11-2PM: Earth Day Bonanza. Come celebrate Earth Day with Harvard's sustainability teams! Featuring games, prizes, Photo Booth Fun and one giant Freecycle! Hosted by FAS, HLS, GSE, HRE and HUH.

*         Monday, April 21, 4-6PM "Years of Living Dangerously"  Dan Abbasi (HBS '98) will be at HBS to screen an episode from his powerful documentary that explores the human impact of climate change. Dan, an executive producer of the celebrity-packed series featured on Showtime, will also answer questions and lead a dynamic conversation on this important topic. Refreshments and snacks will be provided. Registration is required via Eventbrite.<https://www.eventbrite.com/e/years-of-living-dangerously-screeningtalk-with-dan-abbasi-hbs-98-tickets-11108938133>

 Program Highlights

*         Undergraduates share their perceptions: 2,036 undergraduates responded to the Perception Poll, the final Green Cup participation contest for the year. Lowell House emerged victorious with 100% of students participating. Adams House came in an impressive second with 92% participation. The most interesting results included 51.2% of participants responded "probably yes" or "definitely yes" when asked if they would consider using a shower timer. In addition, 67.4% responded "probably yes" or "definitely yes" when asked if they would support differential pricing for washing clothes in hot water.

*         Green Labs Program Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary with Focus Group: Last week the FAS Green Labs Program celebrated its 10 year anniversary by bringing together over 30 stakeholders from across the FAS research community to share ideas about how to reduce waste and energy. The attendees consisted of lab directors, researchers, lab managers, lab administrators, and others. The feedback and ideas generated at the meeting will help shape new initiatives and programs for the FAS Green Labs Program in the coming months and years.

*         Lighting Competition Underway: Four labs in the Chemistry and Chemical Biology Department are participating in a pilot lighting competition to encourage lab participants to not only be conscious about leaving their hood sashes open, but to go the extra mile and be thoughtful about their lighting consumption. In the first week of the competition alone, lighting consumption has dropped by over 30%, which, if kept up, can save thousands of dollars in wasted energy from the labs each year. Check back next month to hear about the final results.

*         Stirling -80 Freezer Performs Better Than Expected: After the launch of the FAS Freezer Incentive Program in December, Stirling -80 freezers have been a hot topic in FAS labs. Although industry-published data already proved the units to be the most efficient models on the market, it had yet to be proven on Harvard's campus. Last week, a 24 hour energy consumption study on Harvard's first Stirling freezer (located in the Chemistry & Chemical Biology Department) showed that the unit uses only 8.31 kwh/day- 65% less energy than the average unit on campus. This results in over $700 in electricity savings each year!

*         Lab Freecycle Competition Update: In preparation for next week's Lab Freecycle <http://www.green.harvard.edu/events/lab-oriented-freecycle> on April 24th, labs from across FAS have been competing to donate the most unwanted lab and office supplies. Points are awarded based on type of item donated, from small items like glassware and office supplies (1 point each) to large lab equipment (10 points each). Currently the Kahne Lab from CCB is in the lead with 58 points! Get your donations in today and earn some points for your lab or office! The group with the most points on the day of the freecycle will win a special breakfast party!

*         4 FAS projects and 2 students were recognized at Harvard's Green Carpets Ceremony<http://green.harvard.edu/campaign/harvard-green-carpet-awards>: Nocera Lab renovation, Northwest Building and Operations Energy Conservation Team, Eggan's Lab Glass Pipette Reuse Program and Green'17's composting pilot. Congratulations to all the winners!
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