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Pre-Break Sustainability Pledge: Help us save energy over winter break. Click here<http://green.harvard.edu/fas-green-program-cold-turkey-pledge> to pledge to take 5 simple energy-saving steps before leaving for break and you'll be entered into a raffle to win 10 sets of 2 movie tickets.
Green Lab Certification Program: The green lab community at FAS is growing fast! We have 7 Green Certified Labs spanning 5 departments, and 7 more labs that are in the pipeline to become certified. Here are some recent highlights:

*         The Schier Lab cleaned out their -80 freezer and disposed 44 boxes of outdated or unnecessary samples, providing almost 3 racks of new space in their freezer!

*         The Saghatelian Lab hosted a lab cleanup where they improved the recycling signage and infrastructure, put equipment on timers where possible, and installed fume hood signs to remind people to keep the sashes closed, resulting in a more organized lab space!

To learn more about the Green Lab Certification program, click here<http://green.harvard.edu/fas-green-lab-certification-overview>, or email jamie_bemis at harvard.edu<mailto:jamie_bemis at harvard.edu> to set up a walkthrough!
Student Sustainability Projects:  On Nov.28, the Office for Sustainability announced the Student Sustainability Grant Recipients, including four from the FAS: a pilot for a Freshman Energy Competition, a demonstration of renewable energy at Harvard, labeling of the trees of Harvard Yard, and a project that will construct recycling bins as public art for Arts First.
Four additional projects will be funded by FAS Office of Physical Resources and Planning: an exploration of the potential to replace outdoor lighting with solar-powered fixtures; an initiative to create and facilitate the use of a kit of reusable cups, plates and utensils for study breaks and parties; a project to install light occupancy sensors in Mather House in-suite common rooms; and a project to install hand driers in Weld basement.
Waste Reduction Efforts in CGIS: Four brave souls spent a cold morning in November sorting through a sampling of CGIS buildings' trash to help improve recycling. They found many items, from juice bottles to paper cups, which could have been recycled. Using what they learned, the team plans to implement new recycling signs, an online recycling competition for building occupants, and a featured recyclable of the week on their green board. They may also consider expanding composting opportunities throughout the buildings. After all this, one can expect the next CGIS waste audit to bring us closer than ever to having our first zero waste building!
LEDs in Natural History Museum: LED's are spreading across campus like wildfire! They were recently installed in a number of fixture types at the Natural History Museum, including overhead flood lights, exhibit lights, and in elevators. The conversion from incandescent lights to LED's saved electricity as well as reduced the heat load in the space by roughly 2/3!
THE HIT LIST, A Summary of Recent FAS Green Stories:

*        LEED UPDATE: Click here<http://green.harvard.edu/seven-harvard-fas-projects-achieve-leed-certification> to read about the 7 FAS renovation projects to achieve LEED certification.

*         GREEN LABS: Click here<http://green.harvard.edu/saving-money-and-reducing-waste-plastic-glassware-conversions-hscrb> to read about a glassware pilot at HSCRB.

*         HARVARD THINKS GREEN: Click here<http://green.harvard.edu/harvard-thinks-green-summary> to read about the inaugural event that featured 6 exceptional Faculty speakers discussing their green ideas

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